Turner Holler Goat Milk Soaps

Turner Holler Goat Milk Soaps


Enjoy wonderful goat milk soaps!

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Lily & Trouble
Lily & Trouble

Welcome to Turner Holler! We are a family business making goat milk products to pamper your skin with milk from our own Lamancha goats. We are located in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains in Walland, Tennessee.

Our goat milk bar soaps are also featured at the Gentry Mercantile located in the Foothills Mall!

Why use handmade?

 Using handmade soaps & lotions makes sense in an environment where our skin is bombarded by multiple chemicals every day.  Soaps made at Turner Holler are just soap; made with lye, oils & goat milk. They contain no detergents. We only use top quality fragrance oils or essential oils for the wonderful scents.  We use mica colorants or ingredients like chlorophyll, indigo and cocoa powder for colors. Our soaps leave your skin feeling soft and clean.  Wash away the troubles of the day with one of  our luxurious soaps in your favorite scent or try unscented bar. 

Our goat milk lotions feel great-never greasy and are made with only the best ingredients to pamper your skin!

Why Turner Holler products?

Top reasons to use Turner Holler goat milk soaps.

*We have so many wonderfully scented soaps that your sure to find a favorite.

*We only use top quality fragrances and essential oils.

*This is real, handmade soap-no detergents or added glycerin involved.

*Our goats are very spoiled.

Where to find Turner Holler Goat Milk Soaps:

  • We will be adding holiday soaps to this website  as they become available. Be sure and check them out!

  •  Our soaps are always available at the Gentry Mercantile in the Foothills Mall, Maryville!

Lily & Lyla
Lily & Lyla

We are part of the Pick Tennessee program!

Great things come from small farms and businesses!