The creation of a soap!

Oils, lye & goat milk

 Here is the beginnings of our Oatmeal, Milk & Honey goat milk soap. The oils, lye water & milk has been blended and cooked for about an hour here.

I don’t stir until it gets to this point. 

 Now that it’s holding some shape when stirred and has a waxy look, it’s ready for further amendments.

 Honey is added at this point.  Honey makes soap more bubbly and is a humectant which attracts moisture.

 Now it’s time for some skin soothing oatmeal flour.

 We can’t forget the rolled oats on top!

 Here are two loaves of saponified goodness waiting for their day to shine as great and gentle soaps!

 The soap batter is super-hot in these picture! Use extreme care and wear safety gear!


Created by KJTurner